The Smile Hi City

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Why La Junta?

We have room to grow, and the resources to make it happen. See why we call ourselves the Smile Hi City. We are focused on building a healthy and thriving business climate and social community. Our dedication to improving every facet of La Junta is driven by the people who come to live in and contribute to our shared city.

Business Climate

Our close-knit business community supports enterprise. While companies based in Southeast Colorado are forward thinking, the business base in the part of the state is stable and we continue to pursue new opportunities for enterprise whether it is through local small business development or through helping larger corporations with business relocation to La Junta.


La Junta has a quality of life that is tough to match. Boasting a revitalized and vibrant downtown, wide open spaces, great schools, and amenities found in much larger towns, La Junta is a great place to live, start a business, and raise a family.

Benefits of La Junta

La Junta Economic Development aims to increase the collective lifestyle for all of La Junta by bringing in new industries through business relocation and strengthening existing commercial enterprises. We assist and offer incentives for business relocation as well as facilitate small business development within La Junta. Groups and tools are also available to promote services and offerings as well as coordinate a business’ relocation.

La Junta Economic Development


La Junta Economic Development’s vision is to create an outstanding business friendly community that fosters innovation and collaboration. We encourage the growth and expansion of La Junta’s existing and new businesses while attracting future businesses to Southeastern Colorado’s Arkansas Valley.


  • To aid in the economic development and stabilization of La Junta, Colorado, through promoting and retaining employment.
  • To generate both industrial and retail economic development leads that are a good fit for La Junta and the Arkansas Valley communities.
  • To work as a business partner with our local businesses to promote a progressive and vibrant business climate for La Junta and the Arkansas Valley.
  • To facilitate the attraction of new retail establishments and assist in retaining existing businesses.

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If you are interested in finding out more about La Junta, please don’t hesitate to email us for more information.

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