Broadband Benefits State And Local Economies

Friday, April 8th, 2016 Published By: Cynthia Nieb 0 Comments

The internet is becoming a part of everyday life, much like television as it evolved into a part of virtually every household. We clearly live in an information society, and broadband technology allows us to access that information as quickly as a few keystrokes on the computer.

Broadband means more than having the convenience of accessing information in our homes for personal use. This technology also has a much wider impact in terms of what it means to state and local economies. Broadband is vital for the delivery of services in education, government, public safety, and health as well as for the overall quality of life. Moreover, it can positively impact the economic growth of rural and underserved areas.

Social and economic benefits

Studies have shown that the information exchanges made possible by broadband networks result in job growth, productivity increases, and many other public benefits. The benefits of adopting broadband technology include increased efficiency, or can also take the form of new goods and services. Broadband can provide a real boost to small- and medium-sized businesses that otherwise might not be maximizing productivity. This technology can also create a demand for more workers while spurring economic growth.

High speed internet has enhanced the educational experience from kindergarten through university graduate schools. Learning is no longer confined to the classroom while time and money is saved on materials, which are teaching the same thing.

Broadband expansion can improve the quality of healthcare services and patient care on a variety of levels. Telemedicine, electronic prescription service, improved medical record-keeping, as well as expanded methods of communication are all made possible through broadband technology.

Improving communities

Broadband’s benefits extend to communities as a whole, including rural and underserved areas. This technology can help by attracting new businesses and business investments as well as reviving depressed business districts and communities. Broadband can also connect residents and services, enabling them to participate in a digital economy and provide employment opportunities, including home-based businesses. This progress can increase income-earning potential.

The benefits of broadband technology to the overall workforce are numerous and varied. This technology provides access to online employment opportunities as well as opportunities for distance learning and online training. Broadband even increases entrepreneurship opportunities.

Staying ahead of the game

Local and state governments are building community broadband networks across the United States while using smart grid technology to provide many benefits. These benefits include stimulation of economic growth, more efficient energy use, faster and more reliable service, and reduced cost of service. Many states, in fact, are making broadband an important part of their overall economic development plan.

Broadband’s impact is also being felt in rural areas, where the latest technology is being implemented, and even attracting business from nearby states. In turn, this progress has helped level the playing field between urban, rural and underserved areas. The adoption of broadband removes geographical barriers and opens up more opportunities for citizens in all regions.

Broadband technology, devices and services are part of an ever-evolving technology. For communities and states to remain competitive in a changing economic world, planning for the next wave of broadband technology is crucial. This planning requires coordination statewide and across communities to best maximize benefits and results. Without proper planning, communities and states risk falling behind and losing tremendous growth opportunities.

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