Friday, February 13th, 2015

La Junta Economic Development has been in the local news quite a bit over the past couple of weeks. First it was the announcement of See The Change, then manufacturing tours, and finally an Economic Development 101 course for the city leadership. You might ask, “Why does economic development care about physics in middle schools”? Or you might ask, “Why are manufacturing tours important for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders”? Both of those questions go back to the Economic Development 101 course and the discussion of everything that economic development encompasses.

Friday, October 24th, 2014

The Colorado Enterprise Zone Tax Credits (EZ) Program created by the Colorado Legislature is intended to encourage a business to locate in a distressed geography and stay in a distressed geography AND only offer an incentive to the businesses that have a positive impact on the local economy. Private-sector business activity encouraged by these income tax incentives brings job opportunities and capital investment. The private investment results in tax revenue for school districts, cities, counties and the state.

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

As the director of La Junta Economic Development, I and other business resource providers will be writing articles to better inform the public about the programs and tools that are available in Otero County and the rest of Southeast Colorado. Unfortunately there isn’t enough awareness around the business resources that are available to local business owners and entrepreneurs around the valley. Every week La Junta Economic Development, Otero County Economic Development, Small Business Development Council (SBDC), La Junta Chamber of Commerce, and others will be highlighting different topics and resources available to businesses.