Local Businesses

Local Businesses

Local Businesses


La Junta takes pride in preserving our local economy and value the variety of local businesses we have in our town helping with our economic development. Our local restaurants consist of 15 different restaurants located inside the city limits as well as several restaurants just a short drive away.  In addition to family-style America dining, La Junta also has a variety of cultural dining options including Chinese and Mexican Cuisine. Our town also has a number of coffee shops to choose from. Whether you are looking for great breakfast, lunch, dinner or a little something to pick yourself up. Our “Smile High” city offers great service and friendly people that make your many dining options a great way to start or end your day.


Just like the Santa Fe Trail History tells us, La Junta has continued on as a regional hub for business and tourism.  Our hotels and motels boast a high occupancy rate year around because of our role in bringing people together.  As you could have guessed, these hotels and motels are a big help to our local businesses and economic development. We are grateful to have 7 great hotels located within the city limits, as well as one campground RV Park located nearby. Whether you are visiting the area for business or pleasure, or just passing through. Our local attractions have brought us tourists from far and wide.

Some of our local hotels are:

Hampton Inn

Holiday Inn Express

Luxury Inn La Junta

Mid-town Motel

Red Lion Hotel

Stagecoach Motel

Travel Inn

Travel Lodge

Retail Shopping in La Junta

La Junta has several chain retail stores, grocery / supermarket stores, a unique mix of locally owned businesses such as our boutiques, and other specialty shops downtown. Hop on the Amtrak train and come downtown for a quiet stroll as many tourists do, or just come by to discover our friendly people, places and local food.



If you are interested in starting, relocating, or growing your business in La Junta, Colorado, please contact us today.