The Gigabit Community And The Growth Of American Innovation

Friday, April 8th, 2016 Published By: Cynthia Nieb 0 Comments

Ever heard of a “Gigabit Community”? This is a community where a good portion of the population has access to gigabit broadband. With that kind of access, the innovation and invention of the modern age would be assured for American entrepreneurs.

What does a gigabit connection really mean?

It’s kind of hard to imagine what a gigabit connection would mean. Let’s look at what is available now. Currently, over 80 percent of America’s population has access 100 megabit broadband connectivity.

A gigabit connection is 10 times the speed of a 100 megabit connection. What feels pretty fast now on a 100 megabit connection will feel like slow motion in comparison to a gigabit connection. Webpages will load 10 times faster and apps will process 10 times faster.

The importance of the gigabit community

You might wonder why a gigabit connection is so important. The 100 megabit connection is actually fast enough to fuel a growth in app and technology innovation. Innovation requires moving forward. In terms of network connectivity, the 100 megabit connection is not going to be fast enough in a few years. However, now is the time to start investing in the gigabit connections that will be required in the future to continue the push towards innovation.

Need proof? Chattanooga, Tennessee, built a fiber network capable of gigabit connections. This movement triggered major companies like Volkswagen and Google to move key operations to the city, generating over 3500 jobs.

Kansas City is rolling out gigabit service to residential and business customers. Start-ups are popping up in Kansas City to take advantage of this advanced connectivity.

Research universities are leading the way in bringing gigabit connections to their campuses. The best part? The surrounding communities can take advantage of these connections for residential and business customers.

Gigabit networks can enable creative and immersive software to promote lifelong learning at home. These networks can also enable genetic sequencing, which helps treat cancer patients. Gigabit networks make it possible for small businesses to take advantage of big data, which is important for entrepreneurial endeavors.

The problems in developing the gigabit community

Investing in an increase in broadband connectivity should be a given. However, there is a lot of resistance to making it actually happen.

Cable internet providers dismiss the need for increasing broadband speeds. These providers think that lack of consumer demand for the bandwidth is enough of an excuse to not make the changes. They think it’s all about bragging rights to having the most bandwidth available.

Some government officials take the line that private consumer demand should drive the growth in broadband speed. However, that is actually the reverse of what needs to happen.

Consumer demand follows innovation. If the U.S. does not have the ability to innovate, someone else will. Their technology will come to the U.S. and drive consumer demand, instead of the other way around. That instantly makes Americans followers instead of leaders. Tech adopters instead of tech innovators.

And that is something that cannot happen.

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