How To Organize Your Office For A Move In 9 Steps

Monday, March 7th, 2016 Published By: Cynthia Nieb 0 Comments

Moving your business and office is a big step, both in terms of what it can mean for your business and the move itself. The latter takes a lot of planning and coordination between all departments and employees to make it the smoothest transition possible. For an office move, the good news is that you are given, or have been given, plenty of advance warning before the actual move takes place. This advanced warning gives you ample time to develop your plan for the move, which should be a step-by-step process leading to moving day. Here are nine steps to help organize your office for a move.

Make a plan 3 – 6 months before the move

The key factor in terms of planning for an office move is giving yourself enough time. Most experts agree that you should start the planning process three to six months before the move to help avoid trouble and delays at the end. Having a written plan, listing deadlines and who will be involved at each step, is important.

Hire the mover

Interview movers and ask for referrals. Go online and seek out customer reviews and testimonials on each. Seeking out movers who have experience in moving and relocating offices is never a bad idea.

Inspect the new place

Take a good look at the office space where you will be moving. Evaluate the space and how it fits with your current furniture and office equipment, as well as what kind of layout it will entail. Make sure you know the locations of communication connections and electrical outlets.

It’s also important to consider if you are moving from a ground floor office to one that’s on an upper floor. If so, does the building have elevators that would make it easier for movers to bring in your equipment, or does it only have a staircase? It’s important that your mover knows the layout of the building.

Take inventory

Take an inventory of all of your office equipment, furniture and cabinets. Measure these items to help determine where they could fit in the new space. Each piece should also be labeled with the employee’s name or department name. While you are taking inventory, it is also a good time to evaluate what you have and what’s absolutely needed. Sell or donate items that aren’t a good fit for your new office.

Apply for new phone numbers, fax numbers, and internet access

Are you keeping your current phone number and just taking it with you, or will you need an entirely new number? You will also need to know what kind of internet access the new office will have.

Update all documents and website

Moving your office to a new location means you will need updated letterheads and business cards, as well of change-of-address mailers. Your checks will likewise have to be updated, as will your company’s website.

Order new keys and access cards

You will want to order new keys and access cards for your new office before you actually move in. Also, make sure the security system is installed and working before the office move.

Have a packing day

You can set aside the last day before the movers come as a packing day for the entire staff. Ask each employee to keep a master list of all their boxes and what each box contains.

Get acclimated with the new office location

Your final step can be a staff orientation once you have arrived at the new location. Moreover, make sure new phone numbers have been assigned, and new keys and access cards are ready to distribute.

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