La Junta Colorado Demographics

Let’s try this: The city of La Junta in Otero County Colorado has a lot to offer for both potential employers and for those seeking employment. One of the benefits of looking at the Colorado demographics for different cities such as La Junta is to compare how those cities rank on the factors that are most important to you. Different aspects of the demographic information for the city of La Junta include population, worker age, earnings, employment wage statistics and more.  Understanding the general size of the city paints a picture of the lifestyles the area provides and knowing the education level of the population gives a better idea of the skilled labor that is available.  Please see below for more information on the city of La Junta.


Population of La Junta: 7,077
Population of Otero County: 18,831
Otero County Unemployment rate: 4.0% as of December 2016
Population within 40 minute drive time: 31,153

Worker Age:

29 and Younger: 1,065
30 to 54: 2,438
55 and Older: 998
Total: 4501


$1,250 per month or less: 1,075
$1,250 to $3,333 per month: 2,220
More than $3,333 per month: 931

Employment Wage Statistics:

The Preliminary average weekly wage for Otero County, Colorado in 4th quarter, 2013 was $677. This would be equivalent to $16.93 per hour or $35,204 per year, assuming a 40-hour week worked the year around.

Area Labor Force, Employment and Unemployment Data:

The total civilian preliminary labor force (not seasonally adjusted) for Otero County, Colorado in May, 2014 was 9,074, of which 8,406 were employed and 668 were unemployed. The unemployment rate was 7.4% percent.

Top NAICS Industry Sector:

Manufacturing: 410
Retail: 471
Finance & Insurance: 157
Educational Services: 585
Health Care and Social Services: 1,118
Accommodation & Food Service: 367
Public Administration: 406
Wholesale Trade: 107

Worker Educational Attainment:

Less Than High School: 453
High School or Equivalent, no college: 959
Some College or Associates degree: 1,216
Bachelor’s degree or advanced degree: 589

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