Contact Center Industry

Contact Center Buildings

One of the key industry categories that we’re looking to grow in our region is the contact center industry. It’s based on the fact that we have both the space and location available for quick call center relocation combined with the close proximity to Pueblo’s contact center businesses.

La Junta provides an ideal environment for the contact center industry. Our city government is pro-business, there’s minimal bureaucracy to deal with along with a fair regulatory environment. That helps businesses enjoy greater profitability when they choose La Junta.

We also help with a variety of job credits and incentives, please contact Ryan Stevens at 719-384-6965 for details.

Our lower labor costs than other Colorado cities means that your employees will be able to maximize their income, at a better pace than if they were living in a city with a higher pay scale. But affordable living is only part of the reason to consider La Junta as the place to start the next chapter of your life both personally and professionally.

In La Junta, you will also find an exceptional quality of life. There are excellent schools, many recreational opportunities and a wide variety of cultural amenities as well. It makes La Junta a great place to live, and work.

But the best way to learn about La Junta is to visit it and see it for yourself. La Junta Economic Development is happy to arrange tours, site visits and introductions to our business partners for all businesses including those outside of the contact center industry.

Contact Ryan Stevens at 719-384-6965 to discuss contact center incentives.

If you are interested in starting, relocating, or growing your business in La Junta, Colorado, please contact us today.