Why La Junta?

Quality of Life in Colorado

The Arkansas Valley is the best kept secret in Colorado. We are the regional hub for economic activity in the Southeastern Colorado area and our area is known to have a high quality of life in Colorado.

La Junta is home to the Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center, Otero Junior College, local tourist attractions in our historic buildings and sites. We offer a real lesson in history through the story of our people and culture which are told in our premier local museums. Our rich history, land, our community, the world famous Koshare Indian Boy Scout Troop and the Kids Rodeo all add to La Junta’s culture and lifestyle.

The name La Junta means “the junction” in Spanish. The town of La Junta is located along the Arkansas River at what once was the junction of the Mountain Branch of the Santa Fe Trail and the Trappers Trail into the mountains and gold camps of Colorado. Bents Old Fort National Historic Site is but a few miles away on the Arkansas River. Native Americans, Spanish explorers, trappers, gold seekers, emigrants and settlers, farmers and ranchers have all contributed something to the colorful mix of cultures that make up present day La Junta and add to the quality of life in Colorado.

Today La Junta is a progressive, friendly community located on US Highway 50 and serviced by Amtrak and the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railroad in beautiful Southeast Colorado. Located away from the hectic rush of our front range neighbors to the northwest, La Junta’s pace is slower and more relaxed, the quality of life a little bit better, and the cost of living more reasonable. We enjoy our moderate climate and our 300 + days of sunshine per year which is another reason our residents feel they have a great quality of life in Colorado. Take a closer look at La Junta, we think you will like what you see in the “Smile Hi City.”

If you are thinking of relocating your business or starting a new one, these are a few reasons why La Junta is worth your consideration.

Find out for yourself why La Junta is called The Smile Hi City.

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