Folium Bioscience made a conscious decision to locate their 70k sq/ft production facility in La Junta based on the concerted efforts of the La Junta Economic Development Group, local city & county officials and the public support for the project. When you’re looking to invest millions of dollars in infrastructure you have to have buy in from all stakeholders. We found that in the la Junta area, we were welcomed with open arms and appreciated for bringing jobs and economic development to the community.

In 1992, with the assistance of the City of La Junta , I moved my unprofitable 30 employee manufacturing business from Minnesota to La Junta,Colorado. Today,15 years later, Lewis Bolt & Nut is profitable and with 140 employees is the largest private employer in La Junta.

The Mayor,the City Council and La Junta Development were and still are consistent advocates for our business,our customers and our employees. Through two expansions our partnership continues to benefit both the City and Lewis Bolt.

La Junta is large enough to meet our needs and still completely sensitive and appreciative of the fact that only through working together will the best results be achieved.

The City of La Junta is definitely CUSTOMER FOCUSED.

People’s business plans are very important to them – for many they are lifelong dreams. We try to find a way to make them happen.