The City of La Junta

where is la junta colorado

Where Is La Junta Colorado

Where is La Junta Colorado? La Junta is located in southeastern Colorado, about 60 miles east of Pueblo. The county seat of Otero County, La Junta has for more than a hundred years formed a junction for commercial, agricultural, and ranching ventures in the Southern Arkansas Valley. The history of La Junta began as a junction where the Santa Fe Trail branched south to New Mexico, while a lesser route continued west to Pueblo and beyond. The Santa Fe Trail was one of the nation’s first great trade routes and was a main reason La Junta was able to grow as a community and was a key element in creating our economic development and stability.

La Junta is situated on the south bank of the Arkansas River in what is primarily shortgrass prairie country. The mountains for which Colorado is so famous can be seen to the west, but this is rolling prairie land. Farming dominates the landscape in a narrow corridor along the river, while a short excursion north or south of US Highway 50 brings travelers to miles upon miles of grasslands. These grasslands are home to 275 different species of birds that migrate through or live here making La Junta a great birdwatching destination.

The City of La Junta

Where is La Junta Colorado today? In the past 12 months, La Junta has expanded in meaningful ways for the city as a whole, its businesses, and the people who reside and work in  city.  The expansions come from the four new primary employers and two existing employers that expand their operations.  In total, this expansion has added over 100 new jobs for La Junta and is the start in an ongoing process for La Junta’s economic development.

Today, our community is home to a regional medical center and specialty clinics, as well as a number of retirement communities. We have some of the most affordable housing options and opportunities Colorado has to offer. Our community amenities are ripe with opportunities for recreational activities and fun local events. Our residents enjoy an excellent K-12 school system, and a thriving community college: Otero Junior College. The college hosts a number of technical certificate programs, a well-regarded nursing program, and a law enforcement academy as well as an active Athletic department. The City hosts a number of light industries and an airport in an industrial park north of town, a rail yard, and local businesses that make up our downtown business district typical of small western towns.

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